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FlyWheelz™Alu Hub Light Foam Wheel 2.5"/6.35cm

FlyWheelz™Alu Hub Light Foam Wheel 2.5"/6.35cm

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CNC machined aluminum wheel hub anodized. 

Very light weight and versatile design. 

2.5" wheels have rubber layer sandwiched between light foam to maintain its shape under load. 

Very Cool Big 8 Spoke Rim.

Rim Material: Aluminum

Colour: Brushed Silver or Titanium color 

Outer Diameter: 63.5mm/2.5"

Rim Diameter: 44mm/1.73"

Width: 18mm/0.7"

Weight: 22g/piece

Including two bushings internal diameter: 4mm, suitable for 4mm wheel axle.


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